Best Available Techniques Reference

Los documentos de referencia para las mejores técnicas disponibles, los BREFT’S, son los principales documentos de referencia utilizados por las autoridades europeas competentes cuando conceden los permisos para que sus industrias puedan operar.  Ver más



Smart Specialisation Platform

Smart Specialization is the collective process that more than 170 European regions and 16 countries are currently using to identify their strengths and their opportunities. 
It's based on strong partnership between business, public sector and knowledge institutions to jointly design and implements their research and innovation investment strategies. 
Reunited in the Smart Specialization platform managed by the Joint Research Centre, regions benefit from continuous ANALYSIS and ADVICE, from a scientific, policy and business perspectives, dramatically increased COOPERATION among regions to create collaboration partnerships and MUTUAL LEARNING to unveil JOINT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES – and peer-review the regions’ strategies.